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Noela Kalimi Luka will be spending her Fellowship at Rooted in Rights, which is a program of Disability Rights Washington.

Disability Rights Washington is an NGO that protects people with disabilities and is committed to advancing their dignity, equality, and self- determination.

Located in Seattle, Rooted in Rights offers numbers of resources that will be highly informative for Noela and will assist her as she documents her Fellowship experience and designs an inclusive employment project that utilizes her filmmaking skills. Rooted in Rights has experience in engaging with media when pursuing justice for people with disabilities, and will offer unique insight into how advocates galvanize the disability community to action and engage important stakeholders in disability employment. Rooted in Rights’ dynamic activism should provide a wealth of material for Noela to document and report as she prepares her project.

Rachel Miyazaki is the Production Coordinator at Rooted in Rights. Like Noela, she is an expert professional in digital media projects and contributes her creative skills to promote equity for all. She also has training in mental health and is excited for Rooted in Rights’ partnership with Noela.