Raphael Mbiiji | Mafinga, Tanzania

Raphael works as a tutor at the Rungemba Community Development Training Institute, providing training and consultation as well as conducting research benefiting students, communities, and the institute at large. His responsibilities include supervising students, developing curriculum and teaching materials, and providing training on entrepreneurship, project monitoring, and evaluation, as well as resource mobilization and data collection.

Raphael also oversees the functioning of the Women Information Window (WIW) at the Institute. The Women’s Information Window is a Tanzanian government initiative that educates women about their rights, empowerment, and employment, as well as opportunities for civic engagement advocating for women’s rights and promoting gender equality through a variety of community services. The WIW gives particular emphasis to women’s economic empowerment by assisting women in gaining access to entrepreneurial and health care training to improve the quality of life.

Raphael was interested in utilizing his ADA International Fellowship to design a project that helps teachers to gain knowledge of policies and regulation protecting rights of children with disability, and to eliminate stigmatization among students with disabilities. He has worked in collaboration with his colleagues at the Institute and officials in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to implement the project.

Raphael conducted his Fellowship with the United States International Council on Disabilities  under the supervision of David Morrissey, Executive Director, and Isabel Hodge, Deputy Director of USICD.

To read Raphael’s project progress report click here.