Hassan Waddimba- Kampala, Uganda

Hassan Waddimba spent his Professional Fellowship at the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics section of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. 

“I had never stayed with a family outside of my family. […] I have learned a lot about staying with people who are not particularly my family. It was my first time but I enjoyed it and learned from it. If we had a similar program in Uganda, I would like to be a host.”

Hassan Waddimba understands the unique challenges that face Ugandan citizens with disabilities, and has committed much of his life’s work to reversing negative trends in disability employment. He works as a program associate for the East Africa Center for Disability Law and Policy. In this role, he has been responsible for research, information, and documentation.

Hassan holds a bachelor’s degree in science in development economics. This has enabled him to understand some of the more technical, and not just theoretical, benefits to inclusive employment. In the past, he has worked in other NGO positions, including with the Motivate Africa Initiative.

Hassan intends to use his fellowship to gain research skills that will later be put into practice in his project. He plans to ascertain baselines on the employment of persons with disabilities in the public sector in Uganda. This baseline research will focus on government ministries, departments, and agencies in the central region of Uganda, as well as in two districts or local governments from each of the other four regions of the country.

This baseline will seek to inform policy decisions on the right to work for persons with disabilities in Uganda, and the East African region.