Goodluck Chanyika | Moshi, Tanzania

Goodluck is the founder of the Jumuisha Tanzania Initiative, and online library and inclusive education learning platform for teachers and school staff. 

Goodluck shows a student where Tanzania is on the map

Jumuisha, a Swahili word that means “to include”, is an organization that provides teachers across Tanzania with an online library and innovative learning network that educators and other school staff can use to inform themselves about disability and strengthen their skills for inclusion. Jumuisha users can access professional trainings for educators, including resources for intervention supports, Tanzanian Sign Language tools, and best practices that are not taught in special education teacher training classes. 

Jumuisha’s online library, which is called the Advancing Special Education Teachers’ Knowledge on Inclusive Education (ASET-KIE), was developed by Goodluck as part of his U.S. Fellowship project. It was inspired by the programs he saw on his Fellowship at the University of South Dakota Center for Disabilities.

Goodluck hopes to train more teachers in Tanzanian Sign Language and build teacher capacity to provide inclusive education on a broader scale. He has been successful in efforts to secure funding for Jumuisha’s expansion, having presented the platform’s pilot at the African Disability Rights Conference in South Africa in 2018 and at the Africa Expo in Botswana in 2019. At the same Expo, Jumuisha was named one of the Top 11 Education Innovations in Africa, leading to a mini-grant from the African Union that has fueled its growth further. 

At the time of his participation in the ADA International Fellowship Program, Goodluck worked as a Program Officer for the education NGO Childreach Tanzania. He also previously took part in the Young African Leaders Initiative Fellowship (YALI) in Nairobi, a U.S. State Department program launched by President Obama to foster excellence among emerging professionals in Africa. 

To read Goodluck’s project progress report click here.

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Goodluck with his U.S. Fellowship mentor and Outbound Fellow Dr. Wendy Parent-Johnson with educators in Arusha, Tanzania.