Photo of Evalyne Njuguna

Evalyne is the Founder and Director of Anapendeza, an organization committed to providing job training opportunities and work support services for youth with developmental disabilities.

As Anapendeza’s director, Evalyne has started several projects that provide customized trainings for youth with developmental disabilities, enabling them to identify their talents and develop skills that suit targeted employers. These motivate individuals with disabilities, builds confidence in their abilities, and helps them transition into an inclusive workforce successfully in ways that generalized trainings do not. Before founding Anapendeza, Evalyne trained and served as an educator, and her diverse professional experience has informed both her successful leadership of the organization and the interdisciplinary approach that she takes toward disability in her work.

Evalyne possesses exceptional leadership skills with regard to both project management and organizational development, having founded an NGO that has empowered many youth with disabilities to enter the workforce. She has built sustainable relationships with her Fellowship inclusive employment mentors, as well as effective independent partnerships with other Professional Fellows alumni who share her commitment to helping individuals with disabilities obtain self-reliance and financial independence through inclusive employment.