Photo of Evalyne Njuguna

Evalyne Njeri Njuguna was mentored by Shamika Thomas the Virgin Islands University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (VIUCEDD) as she developed her project plan to train people with disabilities for employment using digital technologies.  

Evalyne believes that “everyone deserves to experience life in full circle. Employment is the most crucial part of life for any human being…the greatest need of a human being is to be self-reliant and financially independent.” This conviction, paired with her lifelong observation of discrimination against people with disabilities in her hometown of Nairobi, Kenya, led her to become involved in inclusive employment. She currently works as the Founder and Operational Director of Anapendeza, an organization that strives to ensure that adults with intellectual disabilities experience employment in “a safe, well adapted, and equipped working space”. Her responsibilities in this position are extensive, including but not limited to management of organizational operations, training staff, and networking with stakeholders. Across all her professional roles, she exemplifies leadership and exhibits an extensive understanding of various models of intervention. 

Evalyne’s professional background is mainly in education. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and has served as a volunteer and physical and special needs teacher in two different schools. Working in school settings has given her an interdisciplinary understanding of systemic challenges that the Kenyan disability community faces.

Evalyne has channeled her PFP-IDE Fellowship experience into planning and executing a follow-on project that provides quality training on information and communications technology (ICT) based skills to adults with intellectual disabilities. This social enterprise project will empower all those with whom it works and will connect them to online jobs. In an increasingly electronic world, this project will prove exceptionally timely and worthwhile.