Allan Kabaale is the Executive Director of the Disability Employment Rights Initiative (DERI) in Kampala, Uganda. He is one of his country’s most active inclusive employment self-advocates, having directly lobbied Uganda’s Parliament for changes to employment policy and led community-based trainings for persons with disabilities seeking to find jobs and engage their leaders.

He started his organization as a law student, and now helps lead Uganda’s movement to make comprehensive inclusive employment reform a reality. He has strong experience implementing inclusive employment projects and has an excellent network of partners in his home country.

Allan developed a project that will launch employability trainings for Ugandans with disabilities and connect them to potential employers. His project, which will create a direct support system for both employers and prospective workers with disabilities, will make potential employers knowledgeable about reasonable accommodations that enable persons with disabilities to excel in the workplace. He will start with a small pilot group and engage multiple disability leadership groups across Uganda to implement his initiative.

Allan spent his Fellowship at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

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Allan learns about innovative inclusive employment resources for individuals with visual impairments.