Archy Gomba Photo

Archy Gomba is the Founder and Director of the Shirati for Active Rehabilitation and Development Organisation (SARDO), an NGO that fosters the rights, health, and welfare of women and children living with disabilities and their families in northwestern Tanzania.

Archy works in Shirati, a town on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria in Mara Region, close to the border with Kenya. He designs and implements projects that support Tanzanian women and children with disabilities, and acts as a community guide to external partners who provide help in the region. He has also worked as a translator for U.S. mission groups working in Tanzania. Archy collaborates closely on community-based emergency response and civic engagement of persons with disabilities.

Archy is a leader with a disability himself. He designed a Fellowship project that will provide empower persons with disabilities in Shirati, Tanzania, a rural town close to his residence close to Lake Victoria in northwest Tanzania. The project will provide trainings in vocational entrepreneurship and advocacy to local individuals with disabilities and support them with establishing and marketing their own businesses in the community and region more broadly.

Archy with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Archy meets with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds during his Fellowship in 2019.

Archy is also a part of Krip-Hop Nation, an international network of musicians with disabilities that aims to combat the ableist nature of popular rap music.  He has started a Krip-Hop chapter in Tanzania and was apart of the 2019 Krip-Hop Nation’s CD Project & Disabled African Musicians in the Bay Area Festival where he not only performed but was on radio shows and networked to get wheelchairs to Tanzania.