Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 5.24.20 PMDaniel Mbugua Chege spent his fellowship at the University of Minnesota Institute for Community Integration.

Daniel Mbugua Chege says, ‘I believe in persistence’ when pursuing disability equality. Currently living in Kiambu County, Kenya, Daniel works as the Vice Chairperson of Murera Persons with Disability Welfare Association, a community- based organization (CBO) that is committed to enabling its PWD members to achieve productivity and self- reliance in the local economy. As Vice Chairperson, he is the key liaison between the organization and the outside world. A major accomplishment in his tenure has been the registration of one hundred percent of the organization’s members with the National Council for People with Disabilities in Kenya, which advises disability policy reforms and helps coordinate service provision. Daniel holds a Bachelors of Science in Population Health with a special interest in Needs Assessment and Community Diagnosis. He has previously worked with National Council for Persons with Disabilities, the Self- Reliance Development Corporation and Leeds Solutions.

Daniel believes that information is the single most reliable tool to liberate a community and that it is the key difference between stagnant and mobile futures for people with disabilities in Kenya. Daniel’s Fellowship follow on project will involve the creation of a Business Hub for the low- skilled PWD population. The objective of the project is to create a business model that can be replicated and adopted in all of Kenya’s counties as devolution of political power takes place. Daniel’s business hub will be fully owned and operated by PWD. It will encompass microenterprises such as tailor shops, barber shops, salons, welding, and small markets with a strong emphasis on mentorship among PWD. All employees will be supported by project staff.