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Idah Sendagala spent her fellowship at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Idah Sendagala holds a Bachelors Degree in Adult and Community Education and a postgraduate degree in Physiotherapy. She lives in Kampala, Uganda and has professional experience in both physiotherapy and lecturing at the university level. At present, she works at the Nerves and Bones Rehabilitation Center as a consultant physiotherapist. In this role, she advises on the quality of the services that are offered to clients, takes part in the recruitment of medical staff and ensures standardization across rehabilitation services.

When Idah reflects on the necessary accommodations for PwD in her community, she highlights the many interwoven factors of marginalization: ‘Without appropriate adaptions in the workplace, PWDs, face a number of challenges including inability to access places of work and apply for employment opportunities; inability to navigate within work premises and therefore to work effectively; predisposition to acquiring secondary disabilities at the workplace. Employees without disabilities are also predisposed to acquiring primary disabilities when places of work and job tasks are not well suited to employees.’

Idah’s project is focused on adapting the work environment to facilitate inclusive disability employment. She highlights the importance of adapting work environments, promoting the retention of PWD, and preventing the acquiring of primary and secondary disabilities at work.