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Ines Kajiru spent her Fellowship in Tucson, Arizona at the Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities.

Ines Kajiru has a decade of experience incorporating disability issues into the academic realm. After receiving her Ph.D. in research related to the persecution of people with albinism, she went on to lecture at Mzumbe University Tanzania. She has advanced un roles within the university since 2007: working as a tutorial assistant, assistant lecturer, and now as a lecturer. Combining her Ph.D. thesis and her academic credentials, she currently teaches disability law. The realities of living in Same and Morogoro and witnessing disability discrimination inspired Ines to apply for the Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment. The experience of working in an American university context, rather than a Tanzanian context, will allow for key cultural comparisons.

Ines’s project is entitled ‘Training Employers on the Essence of Employing People with Disabilities.’ It will focus on illustrating the advantages of employing PWD and identifying and addressing myths associated against PWD in Tanzania. The goal of the project is to increase employment, increase efficiency, and reduce stereotypes.