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Mashukura Habibu Kabwogi spent her fellowship at the Paul V. Sherlock Center for Disabilities at Rhode Island College.

Mashukura Habibu Kabwogi has been involved in advocacy for PWD for many years. She lives with a visual implement herself and through this has unique insight into the landscape of disability in her hometown of Muleba, Tanzania and beyond. She currently works as a special education teacher at Kaigara primary school under the District Executive Director of Muleba District Council where she monitors the learning of students with disabilities. Prior to this oversight position, Habibu worked as a school counselor and principal accountant for Tanzania League of the blind. She brings an educational background of a Bachelors degree in Education with a concentration in special needs art instruction to these positions. Her professional aim is ‘to advocate for the rights of PWD, to educate staff members on how to handle learners with different regardless of their conditions, and to educate governmental and non- governmental officials on how to design and implement inclusive employment policies.’

Habibu’s project addresses employment barriers for people with disabilities in Kagera Region in northwest Tanzania. It includes a comprehensive review of local policies and legal frameworks related to employment, and holding public events that increase understanding of inclusion and disability issues within the community. These events can facilitate collaboration between the public and private sectors in generating inclusive employment opportunities.