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Peter Ochieng spent his fellowship at the Georgia State University Center for Leadership in Disability.

When reflecting on his motivations for participating in the Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment, Peter Ochieng says that ‘learning tops the list of my career goals.’ Peter brought an extended fund of knowledge to his PFP-IDE Fellowship in Atlanta. In Uganda, Peter works as a Disability Inclusion Facilitator at Light for the World, a renowned global disability and international development organization. Prior to this position, he worked at the Uganda National Association of Cerebral Palsy and the International Disability Alliance as an Information Officer, Project Officer, and Online Internee. In those roles, he helped support the inclusion of people with disabilities in activities that help implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Peter holds a masters degree in International and European Human Rights Law. He has previously visited the U.S. for a three-week training program at Syracuse University in New York.

While working at Light of the World, Peter observed how numerous employers exhibited limited awareness about the different benefits of inclusive disability employment. It was this observation and his own personal experience as an individual with cerebral palsy in Uganda that has led to his project proposal. The title of Peter’s project is ‘Documenting Employers’ Awareness on Inclusive Disability Incentives.’ He plans to work with up to 50 employers in Uganda to document professional biases related to disability employment and will use the outcomes of his research to inform efforts to overcome attitudinal barriers to inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce.