Ashar Namatovu Photo

Ashar Namatovu is the Head of Finance and Administration at Swift Safaris Ltd, a passenger and cargo transport company in Kampala, Uganda. As a business leader with a disability, Ashar is a champion for advancing inclusive employment, especially in the private sector.

She has an impressive track record of promoting inclusive hiring and accessibility at her own company and is keenly aware as to how private businesses can improve both their own output and public attitudes by being more inclusive toward people with disabilities. As a leader at Swift Safaris, she is highly skilled and experienced at managing finances in difficult conditions, promoting business ventures through social media, and training talented emerging leaders whose potential may be unappreciated elsewhere.

Project Idea

Ashar plans to launch a soft skills job training initiative for persons with disabilities. Her project will train a pilot group of 100 Ugandans with disabilities on useful skills for engaging potential employers, including CV writing techniques and job interview preparedness. She will also hold inclusive job readiness trainings and enlist business students at Uganda’s prestigious Makerere University to take part in inclusive mentorship and entrepreneurship sessions. Ashar also plans to recruit ten Ugandan employers who are compliant with inclusive employment policy in Uganda and showcase them as models for inclusion.