Rehema Kiula Photo

Rehema Kiula is a Project Officer at the Tanzania Federation of Disabled Peoples Organisations, commonly known as SHIVYAWATA. She is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Rehema oversees many national disability advocacy activities, including advocacy trainings, and high-level meetings with public leaders.

She mentors women with disabilities in the advocacy field and guides them towards finding livelihood opportunities. She develops trainings for disability community leaders who lead advocacy and sensitization at community level. She also promotes disability issues in Tanzania through national and community media.

Project Idea:

Rehema will expand access to inclusive employment by training graduates with disabilities on soft skills and arranging workshops and trainings to educate employers about hiring persons with disabilities. She will use SHIVYAWATA’s national network to create a partnership that will connect youth with disabilities to employers, starting with a pilot group of 20 youth with disabilities and 10 employers.