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Sephan Midudi is a Project Coordinator at the Albinism Inclusion Project (ALINC), an advocacy initiative that promotes the social and academic rights of children with disabilities in East Africa. He is responsible for monitoring and evaluating field activities in both Kenya and Tanzania. He

Midudi brings both lived experience and professional dedication to his work with the Albinism Inclusion Project, which was created by Human Rights Watch and the Liliane Foundation of the Netherlands. He conducts fieldwork and project evaluation for ALINC in Kagera and Geita Regions in northwest Tanzania. Midudi coordinates with civil society leaders and public officials to promote awareness and inclusion of children with disabilities in school and the community.

Midudi also works for New Light Children Centre Organisation (NELICO), a Tanzanian NGO that combats discrimination against poor and marginalized families, vulnerable children and people with disabilities. Although he is a Kenyan citizen, he conducts the majority of his fieldwork in Tanzania.

Project Idea

Midudi will create a small network of inclusive youth learning groups (IYLGs) that enable individuals with disabilities  to identify job interests and pursue professional development. The groups will help youth with disabilities pinpoint marketable skills they possess determine how to target areas of professional interest with the help of the groups’ job coaches and career mentors. Midudi planned to start his project with a pilot group of 10 youth with disabilities in Isibania Ward, Migori County, Kenya, but is now planning to relocate to Geita, Tanzania.

Sephan-kids group photo

Children in Tanzania supported by Midudi’s work with NELICO.