Brian Malika will be spending his fellowship at the Center for Community Living and Careers (CCLC) within Indiana Institute on Disability and Community (IIDC) at Indiana University.

Located in Bloomington, Indiana, CCLC works to pro-mote partnerships between various bodies: from Indiana schools, various state agencies, and other support organizations. All of these partnerships combine to ‘achieve positive change for people with disabilities and their families as they work and participate in their communities.’ The fellow that is placed at IIDC will have several first hand opportunities to witness inclusive employment practices. Among these include family employment awareness training which supports individuals with disabilities and their families in the transition to employment. Another hallmark program at the center is Discovery Training. This innovative service is for vocational rehabilitation professionals and is used to identify the talents of people with disabilities for the purposes of identifying the best career path for them. In preparation for employment, members of staff also work in five different high schools through the Indiana School- to- Work Collaborative. The Indiana Institute is also the statewide coordinator of Project SEARCH which runs at eight different sites.

Brian will be mentored by Judith Gross who serves as the Center Director. Judith will be visiting Zambia and South Africa with AAIDD in the weeks prior to hosting the PFP-IDE fellow and is very excited to continue enhancing her knowledge of African employment contexts.