The Human Development Center (HDC) of Louisiana State University’s (LSU) Health Sciences Center looks forward to hosting Wyclif Owuor Oguma for the upcoming fellowship. 

Located in the bustling and diverse city of New Orleans, the Louisiana State University (LSU) Human Development Center keeps its mission of ‘building capacity, inspiring change’ at the heart of all that it does. Two of their more influential and innovative inclusive employment programs include PAYCheck, a project that connects youth with disabilities with paid apprenticeships, and Youth Builds, an apprenticeship and leadership project. Their work with successfully transitioning youth with disabilities into the workforce is an early intervention approach that helps reduce difficulties later in life.

Susan Killam is the Director of Transition- Employment and Community Programs at the LSU Human Development Center. She works directly in the aforementioned early intervention field and thus will be able to provide the fellow placed at this site with a firsthand understanding of the value of such an approach.