The Virgin Islands University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service (VI UCEDD) at the University of the Virgin Islands will be hosting Evalyne Njuguna during the Fall 2018 fellowship.

VIUCEDD is located in Kingshill and will be the first location in a United States territory to host a PFP-IDE fellow. Their expertise in inclusive education lies in job training and job coaching programs which are integral to successful inclusive employment initiatives and the mobilization of persons with disabilities in the workforce. Within the sphere of job coaching, VIUCEDD partners with vocational rehabilitation service providers to train job coaches on person centered planning. The result of this individualized model is customized employment matches that are better suited to the needs of the person receiving the job coaching.

Shamika Thomas is a Program Coordinator for the Virgin Islands UCEDD. In hosting a PFP-IDE fellow she will bring with her an array of experiences working in diverse locations, such as Bermuda and Dubai, and with diverse populations, including Mennonites, Muslims, and Hasidic Jews.