The Center for Learning and Leadership (CLL), Oklahoma’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) hosted by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center will work with David Nangosi to explore a variety of Oklahoman efforts in inclusive disability employment.

Located in the state capital, Oklahoma City, the CLL is in prime location for leadership roles in supporting inclusive employment of people with disabilities across the state. They have demonstrated leadership through their statewide information network, SoonerSUCCESS, which includes the DisABILITY Coalition and will offer an opportunity for the fellow to observe a statewide systems change initiative focused disability inclusion in action. They also assist in running the Oklahoma branch of Project SEARCH. This host placement will also include an opportunity to engage with the National Center for Disability Education and Training (NCDET) which leads two federally funded projects: Add Us IN, sponsored by the Office of Disability Employment Policy, and Work Incentives Planning Assistance Project, sponsored by the Social Security Administration. This fellowship will include attendance a the Oklahoma Training Institute which is the annual conference of the Oklahoma Transition Council.

Megan Peters will be mentoring David during his fellowship and working with him to develop his project on inclusive disability employment. She currently serves as Training Director at University of Oklahoma  and has served as a host to a PFP-IDE fellow in the spring of 2018. After mentoring Hassan Waddimba from Uganda, Megan was accepted into the PFP-IDE Outbound Exchange Program which supported her travel to Uganda to provide additional support to Hassan’s ongoing project.