The Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities is located at the University of Rochester in the city of Rochester, New York. The Strong Center, which is formally recognized by the U.S. government as a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), administers numerous inclusive employment projects through the state of New York and is excited to continue sharing its faculty’s expertise with PFP-IDE Fellow, Samuel Odawo. Many individuals with disabilities in western New York state and beyond benefit directly from the Strong Center’s pro-inclusion initiatives, the foremost of which is Project SEARCH, a workforce training and development program that provides managerial and educational opportunities for youth with disabilities seeking stable, equitable employment in competitive settings.

The Strong Center and its parent institution the University of Rochester are committed to engaging with international advocates who share their values and passion for broadening inclusive opportunities within all areas of life, especially employment. Its faculty looks forward to building a lasting partnership with Samuel.

Kaitlyn Richardson is the Senior Coordinator for Employment Programs, Policy and Advocacy and served as supervisor to Samuel Odawo. She enjoyed providing mentorship and guidance to him during his host site placement and project development.