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Daniel Mbugua Chege will be spending his Fellowship at the University of Minnesota Institute on Community Integration.

The Institute on Community Integration regularly hosts fellows from Europe, Asia, and Africa. They are very excited to add a PFP-IDE Fellow to this already sprawling international network. Located in the city of Minneapolis in the American Midwest, ICI is a renowned research and training center on community living. Invested in the realms of both investigation and implementation of best practices, this center possesses a holistic view on the employment of people with disabilities. The Fellow placed at this center will get to experience site visits, job shadowing, and stakeholder meetings along with being embedded in a large staff body of about one hundred employees, all working to support the health, safety, and wellbeing of PWD and their families. Specific areas of concentration at the center include community living and employment, early intervention, educational policy and practice, global disability rights, training and education, entrepreneurial development.

Jody Van Ness is an Education Specialist at ICI and will serve as mentor for the PFP-IDE Fellow. Both Ms. Van Ness and Daniel are specifically interested in the intersection of disability and other marginalized identities.