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Lewis Mwaniki Murithi will spend his Fellowship at the Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities.

Located in Logan, Utah, the Center for Persons with Disabilities counts the creation and fostering of international partnerships among its many priorities. In addition to hosting international exchange Fellows in the past, the Center also recently hosted a State Department delegation with over 26 countries represented in February 2019. The university is home to an Employability Clinic that provides personal and customized employment services to people in northern Utah. The importance of customized supports is echoed in their investment and concentration in the realms of job coaching and training and customized employment training. Other areas of concentration for the center include employer outreach, information dissemination, and state level policy and systems change. The importance of their work, including the model of their Employment and Community Integration Technical Assistance Center, has extended far beyond the state of Utah and has created significant national benefits for employment of PWD.

Matthew Wappett is the Executive Director of Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities. He and Lewis share a similar interest in the potentials of statewide TA providers enhancing employment and community integration.