PFP-IDE Alumnus Gamariel Mboya Becomes Mentor to Obama Foundation Africa Leaders

The journey to making a difference and solving critical problems in our societies is grounded in having a foundation of good leadership with tools and skills that enable one to make an impact and inspire others to be agents of change” says Gamariel Mboya, Spring 2019 PFP-IDE alumnus from Tanzania.  Gamariel was recently selected by the Obama Foundation to be a facilitator, speaker and mentor for the Obama Foundation Leaders Africa Program summit in Johannesburg, South Africa in July 2019.

Gamariel mentoring Obama Foundation Fellows in South Africa, June 2019
Gamariel Mboya mentors 2019 Obama Foundation Africa Leaders in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Obama Foundation Leaders Africa Program was created to inspire, empower and connect emerging leaders in Africa to be at the forefront in bringing solutions to the problems that surrounds the communities they belong. The program’s 2019 summit, held in July, brought together 200 exceptional young leaders from 44 African countries to build networks and strengthen leadership skills together with mentorship from other outstanding African leaders. Gamariel, who is an Obama Leaders alumnus from 2018, was offered the opportunity to continue his journey with the program in a new capacity by sharing his wisdom and experience during the summit’s activities.

As a self advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities , Gamariel Mboya has committed himself to obtaining new leadership skills and building lasting networks that will support his work against stigma and discrimination. As a mentor, he is also dedicated to sharing his experience and wisdom with current Obama Leaders, who he encourages to become champions for inclusion in all aspects of life throughout the continent.

Gamariel with Obama Leaders sign