Dr Megan Peters with Hassan and other partners

Article Highlights Hassan Waddimba’s Inclusive Employment Expertise

Hassan Waddimba is a graduate of the Spring 2018 cohort of PFP-IDE fellows. He spent his fellowship under the supervision of Dr Megan Peters at the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics section of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and was selected to participate in the outbound program. His project seeks to collect sample research from Ugandan government ministries and use the information to inform policy change.

A recent article published by the Daily Monitor, ‘Giving people with special needs chance in the workplace’, highlights the inclusive employment expertise he gained through his fellowship in Oklahoma, his field work with Dr Peters, and his prior work with the East Africa Center for Disability Law and Policy. Hassan cites a major hurdle for PWD seeking employment to be that ‘often times, PWDS are left out of short lists they are qualified for, some employers are still not yet comfortable hiring PWDS, which is a sign of discrimination contrary to what the law provides for.’

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