The Role of Mentoring in Empowering PWD

We are now halfway through October and National Disability Employment Awareness Month. At this point of reflection, it is important to consider the many different facets that contribute to the empowerment of people with disabilities. Marielle Kriesel is the Chair of the Santa Monica Disabilities Commission and author of recent article ‘Mentoring: A Strategy to Empower People with Disabilities.’ This article explores one of the aforementioned facets of disability empowerment through the lens of the American labor market. The article reminds us to stay alert to the high unemployability rate amongst PWD, even while the national unemployment rate drops (unemployment of PWD hovers around 8 percent while national unemployment has dropped to 3.7 percent, the lowest rate since 1969). Kriesel’s suggestion for lowering the rate of disability unemployment is more significant personal and professional investments in mentoring.

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