ADA Program Case Studies Highlight Past Fellows’ Inclusive Education Projects

The ADA International Fellowship Program ran for two cohorts (Spring and Fall of 2017) prior to the conception of the Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment. This fellowship program honored Senators Robert Dole’s and Thomas Harkin’s work in disability rights, education, and inclusion through sponsorship of fellows from Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil, and Peru in areas of inclusive disability education. The program boasts nineteen alumni who have implemented projects in their home countries. These projects center around various specific goals but all work to improve access to education for children with disabilities. Please read more about these follow along projects in the fellows’ case studies.

Spring 2017 ADA Fellows 

Jackline Bartenge

Renata Bonotto

Goodluck Chanyika

Martin Kavua

Monica Mbelle

Raphael Mbiiji

Faith Muange

Maria Omare

Sileno Santos

Elizabeth Shiakamiri

Fall 2017 ADA Fellows 

Amina Shaaban

Cristina Higa

Fiorella Guerrero Calle

Isack Idama

Jackline Lidubwi

Japhary Shehaghilo

Leyla Liana

Susan Masila

Nuala Ribeiro